Pros 14.10.2021 — 14:16 Uhr

No ordinary professional relationship

Christian Heidel to stay at Mainz 05 beyond 2022

Heidel: "Mainz 05 has always been very close to my heart and will continue to be!"

The bond between Christian Heidel and Mainz 05 is certainly no ordinary one. The work Heidel does for his hometown club is nothing short of a mission in life for the 58-year-old, who first joined then second-division side Mainz in 1992 as sporting director and over many years of service led the club to the Bundesliga. After departing in 2016, he returned to the club last January as board member for sport, strategy and communication. A position for which he has now extended his contract beyond the fixed term.

Heidel and the supervisory board agreed on an extension of the board member’s contract, originally dated until summer 2022.

"With the help of Martin Schmidt and Bo Svensson, we have been able to escape a near hopeless situation in the last season, thereby completing the first part of our mission. I want the club to continue down this path, helping to provide stability and ensure progress," said Christian Heidel. "Our project is not finished yet. It’s important to me that we don’t relax now and keep pushing the positive developments." 

"He embodies the Mainz 05 DNA"

Christian Heidel went on to say the following: "Mainz has always been very close to my heart. My relationship with the club after all these years together is no ordinary working one. The fundamental aspect of my work here is to establish cohesion within the committees regarding the direction of our work and the future of Mainz 05. I can sense the common understanding for a trusting cooperation."

Dr. Volker Baas, chairman of the supervisory board: "Christian Heidel embodies what you could call the Mainz 05 DNA. He has shaped the club’s entire development and is currently leading us back to stability on the pitch. For personalities such as this, different rules apply than the customary ones in the industry. This includes, above all, the high level of trust behind every agreement made within our cooperation, which will continue to be a cornerstone of our work together beyond 2022. The supervisory board unanimously supports this."